House and Land Inspection


"A property given out on rent/lease has to be inspected on a regular basis to ensure that the tenants are maintaining with the same care that you would. Irregular or shoddy maintenance could give rise to long-term problems that will take tremendous efforts in time as well as money to rectify, resulting in loss of rental value as well as rent during the restoration process".
"To facilitate this, our tenant management services provides specific services around house and land inspection, to ensure that you receive periodic reports and early information on long-term damages".

We provide one-time inspection service as well as attractive package deals. Please contact us for further details. provides House and Land Inspection services in hyderabad, bangalore

The service includes:

    ✔ A Comprehensive Audit of the house will be conducted.
    ✔ Report covers Maintenance, Cleanliness, Validation of inmates living, Damages, Validation of Utility Bill Payments.
    ✔ Report Supported by Pictures & Video footage.
    ✔ Suggest Precautionary Repairs.