Property Management

Real estate is a long-term investment.  An investment is only as good as the oversight and administration that it requires. Today, with people buying multiple properties for investment, it becomes humanly impossible to keep track of the property, let alone the ancillary requirements around it in terms of vigilance, taxes, refurbishment, etc. We provide comprehensive service to ensure that you as the property owner, can be confident that the management is in good hands.
We provide the following services around property management:

    ✔ Property Vigilance

    ✔ Inspection by way of comprehensive Audit of the Property
    ✔ Property Tax & Utility Bills payment
    ✔ Market, Financial & Legal Advisory
    ✔ Repairs & Refurbishment
    ✔ Tenancy Assistance though Paper Advertisement & Agents
    ✔ Liaison Services for Regulatory Permissions for construction & Development
    (GHMC, HUDA etc).
    ✔ Fencing & Building Compound Wall
    ✔ Sign Board facility

We provide attractive packages for various requirements that you may have. Please contact us
for further details. provides Property Management Services , Property Maintenance Services