Tenant & Lease Administration


Keeping a property empty gives rise to a lot of risks. This could lead to misuse, illegal use or even damage. It is also very difficult to maintain the property with respect to taxes, utilities, etc.
We, a premier tenant management service provider, help you to generate recurring income by finding you reliable and responsible tenants.  Our marketing team helps you to find tenants among our wide network of companies and professionals. Our Property Managers provide a single point of contact to you as well as the tenants, to ensure that routine administrative work is handled quickly and efficiently. The tenant management
  Beyondlease.in provides Tenant Lease and Administration services in hyderabad, bangalore
services we provide around this are:

    ✔ Tenant Administration

    ✔ Finding a Tenant for your Property
    ✔ Tenant Background and Tenant Data Verification (Validation of Tenant Authenticity)
    ✔ Prepare Lease Agreement
    ✔ Prepare Inventory Report during start & end of Lease
    ✔ Hand over Possession post receiving Deposit into the land lord's account
    ✔ Property Tax & Utility Bill Payments
    ✔ Bi – Monthly Inspection Reports, supported with Property Pictures & Videos
    ✔ Repairs & Refurbishments (Does not include Appliances)
    ✔ Legal Eviction

Our tenant management solutions suit any requirements that you may have. Please contact us for further details.